Dock Store

Welcome to our Dock Store! We are very proud to use Valvtect Marine Gasoline and Diesel as we believe this is best for the longevity and dependability of your engine. Valvtect is industry leading premium marine fuel additive and ensures the highest quality fuel product for your boat keeping down condensation and algae growth in your tanks and entire fuel system.

We have a 25,000-gallon double wall tank for diesel and a 12,000 double wall tank for gasoline. Fuel is supplied via a high pressure pump for both gas and diesel. We also have a high-speed gasoline pump located on the southwest corner of our store. Our Dock Stores is capable of delivering fuel at 40 gallons per minute. Our fuel is dispensed through hydro filters; the additive and the filters add a substantial cost to our fuel system. This positively assures you that you won’t get rust or water from our system. Now more than ever as fuel prices have risen, we are very proud to tell you that we have our pumps calibrated annually to ensure that you get what you are paying for.

We also stock several types of frozen bait. We offer fresh cigar minnows, the highest quality we can purchase. We carry white calamari grade squid from the West Coast in 5 lb. and larger packages. We also have ballyhoo in 3 different sizes during the summer months.

We sell Ice Plant ice and keep enough ice on hand to supply your tournament needs and stock 7 lb. and 20 lb. bags in addition to 10 lb. blocks.

Our store has everything that you need to enjoy your day on the water.

Our hours are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. DAILY. If you need assistance outside of these hours, please call 251-981-7173.